Be Easy on Me – It’s My First…

Wow! Talk about a massive learning curve!

Last week, I didn’t even have the faintest clue how to go about creating a blog, how to blog, and what steps I needed to take to make this happen. Blog was a part of a dialog that included bots, funnels, IG, SM, WhatsUp, and a myriad of Emojis. What?! Yeah… This is a new language, and new world I have entered and am learning, I better get with it or be left out in the cold.

@Gabriella D Delgadillo of @Coach Talk Cafe, was my first peek into this new universe. Up until I had met Gaby, Facebook was simply a means for me to stay connected and share with close family and friends with a Friends’ List that did not even reach 50 people! She told me that would never do and something dramatic needed to be done to grow my list fast. So, I went from being comfortably hidden in the shadows of my life to suddenly exposing myself, becoming vulnerable, sharing personal stories, and letting the world see me with my hair down, shoes kicked off, laid back with feet propped up. Totally NOT me!

In a matter of just a few short months, my Friends’ List rapidly grew from less than 50 to almost 600. Gaby coached me through the process. Then I began to sign up for every free program, workshop, challenge and course training I could literally find that would launch me into this new universe, fast. Just last week, I joined @Rachel Henderson Ngom’s ( Blog2Bank 5-Day Challenge Workshop and spent two days online reading and learning about blogging. 

So, here I am and am asking you to please be easy on me as I learn to navigate my way through this new world of blogging.

I have officially launched Heart2Pen’s business page, website, and its own blog site. 

You can help extend hope, inspiration and healing words through kindness and love by engaging in Heart2Pen’s official FB Business Page:

and website: linked with and hosted by Kevin Lampron’s Business Lifestyle Pro website: With his professional training videos and his guidance, the words and art I share in Heart2Pen will link across to various sites so many will have the potential of receiving hope, inspiration, and healing.

My personal Mission and Vision is to be a Bridge Builder connecting 2 billion souls to find their created wholeness to be healed around the world.

I am in partnership with Certified Master Transformational Coach, Lanelle Martin, PhD. through our joint @WeLink – A loving Community Built for YOU! This heart-centered goal will be accomplished from Barb Heite, MA – Human Dynamic: Amor De Soi LLC and @Faye Hunter’s @SoulDom-The Soul Side of Life platforms, and with the assistance of grace-filled people while working hand-in-hand with YOU.

I will be looking for YOU to connect with me as I blog my way forward!

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