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Given it is Friday the 13th should be a good indication, some well laid out planning is definitely in order…

Be that as it may, I personally do not get hung up on the whole Friday the 13th “bad luck” hooey. For me, when the 13th has fallen on a Friday, usually surprisingly good things have happened.

Today is a good example.

As I was deciding on what to blog about, I realized what an adventure I have been on these past couple of weeks learning about blogging. So, Friday the 13th delivered a wonderful topic to write about…


It is somewhat of a miracle that I haven’t thrown in the towel and given up. The Costco size bottle of extra-strength Tylenol and Naproxen have become more than decorations on my desk as I continue to pursue this new adventure, and truly an adventure it has become!

Like all good road trips or anticipated vacations, careful planning and some serious research is required if you want get the most out of your time and money. This involves the pre-trip, during, and yes, post-trip adventure to ensure you have covered as many bases as possible. So, I’ve laid out, in similar fashion, a bullet point outline, below:


1. Anticipate, before beginning, what will be needed

2. List out how to acquire what may be needed

3. Map out a solid plan on where you want to begin your journey

4. Find out who to go to for help in case of emergencies or inquiries

5. Budget. Plus, add in a cushion for unforeseen expenses and time

6. Create a blueprint of what you want to do

7. Where do you want to head off to

8. What do you need to take with you

9. What side trips might you want to take

10. Have a compact first aid kit prepared

11. Have a backup plan for any failures that might occur


1. Determine and make a “can’t be without” items list you can NEVER be without

2. Figure out a secure hidden place for the “can’t be without” items

3. Have those “can’t be without” items on hand at all times, preferably on your person

4. Remember to take care of your health

5. Remember to think of your group and others

6. Give a helping hand when needed

7. Enjoy the journey

8. Laugh often and have fun

9. Take lots of photos

10. Journal


1. Assess all the good and the bad

2. Make a record of what could have been done differently for your next adventure

3. Share your adventure with others

Sound familiar?

Having spent quite a few years living out of a suitcase and loving the freedom of traveling during the less restrictive TSA era, I had to put in a lot of careful thought went into all that I did before I embarked on my travels.

Learning to blog can be similar to the lesson I learned about the number of suitcases I used to travel with. I shake my head at how ridiculous I was with two suitcases I packed just for my shoes! I would take four to five suitcases on the plane for a one-week trip depending on the season, where I was going, and what events I was going for. This didn’t count the carry-ons. Talk about over doing it! Now, I am good with pretty much just my carryon bags for the same length of trip.

Back to blogging.

I reached the important “Ah ha” moment after spending hours of research and accepted the fact that I had to whittle down my list of 230 tag words and 20 categories. Yes, I know I have a way to go and must pare down the lists, further just like those silly travel bags I used to get on the airplane with.

There is so much more to a well-done blog than I ever imagined. Simply writing out whatever happens to be in my mind at the time is not the most effective way to go about this, as I had first thought. Like blogging, “Tags” and “Categories” have become a new part of my vocabulary with special meanings specific to this adventure. In other words, if I want to impart words to inspire and heal as a means to build bridges of communication around the world (as my byline indicates), I am learning, tags and categories must be incorporated into my blogs.

The A in my name. Does not represent “Alice.” I’m beginning to feel the name would be fitting for me at this time, as I navigate the various rabbit holes I have fallen into. But like good travel planning, a solid mind map and or blueprint to help guide me on the



How, and


of blogging is invaluable. As in most travels, the most unexpected connections can be made and out of those, great Friends. Remember to give yourself grace. This is a tough one for me. Your Words are giving voice to help inspire others. This can become apart of the legacy you are wanting to create.

For you see, I am not writing just to spout off a bunch of mindless prattle. I am God’s writing warrior. I pen divinely inspired words to help heal 2 billion around the world to find their created uniqueness to be whole, and to claim their overflowing abundance.

Yes…, thoughtful, purposeful planning must be done. Even for blogging.

from the Heart,

AJ Myers

∞ Email: [email protected] 



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