by Shin Ki-Uk

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How often do you take your vehicle into the shop for an adjustment?

Brand new model, maybe more often… We tend to be more mindful of following the manufacturer’s recommendations to have the oil changed, tires rotated, etc, more frequently for the first few 1000 miles when that new vehicle smell is still fresh in our nostrils.

As we put the vehicle through its paces, with more miles driven behind us, we are less apt to take the time to get our vehicles into the shop for their needed adjustments.

Until… BLOW OUT!!!

Or, maybe, more like blow up.

Have you ever dealt with a blown head gasket? How about failed brakes, or transmission lockup?

COSTLY, and even potentially dangerous!

If we aren’t mindful to check in regularly, listen, or even be in touch and give ourselves the grace to self-care and love, our mind, bodies, and/or spirit (emotions) also have the potential of reaching a boiling point.

What do all these have in common before they failed? WARNING SIGNS!

Our bodies, our minds, our emotions also give us warning signals to get a checkup. Tune-in, give some self-love. Yet, like our vehicles, we ignore the signs and keep pushing further and further beyond reasonable limits. In this broken state, being able to move forward in wholeness is challenging. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have been there.

God, in His perfect design, created us with choice. He created us uniquely and we must embrace healing to be whole to live in joy, healed relationships, have meaningful friendships and be open to accept overflowing abundance.

I believe I have made Him cry on more than one occasion with the obstinate decisions and poor choices I have made. But in His mercy and love, blessedly, He didn’t abandon me. He simply waited for me to call out to Him and admit, I needed help…, and He was there to catch me.

His grace is the golden, woven net of love forever beneath me. His Son is my Rod and Staff, my Shield and my Protector.

So, even when I have failed to check-in for my regular adjustments, I can rely on a full overhaul if needed. Like our vehicles, because we are diverse, we are different. 

Find what YOU need to operate at YOUR very best. Schedule YOUR tune ups. Since this will depend on what your day/week is like, you might need daily, or weekly moments, but make time for regular adjustments!

What adjustments do YOU need in your life? Do YOU require a tune up? Or maybe even a full overhaul?

Please share the at least one area that could use a tune up in YOUR life.

From the Heart,

Shin Ki-Uk

∞ Email: [email protected]

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