“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

How many of us have not only heard this ditty but as a child embraced these words, held them close, wrapped them tightly around us as a protective blanket wanting desperately to believe? I know I did…for years.

This is an excerpt from a book I contributed to on how our thought processes charge our brain neurons that actually impact the energy we then send out into the universe:

Our refocus stimulates our nervous system. Our way of thinking causes a change reaction within, thus causing our neurons to shift. Electrical impulses literally race along the cell membranes of our brain.

A study was written in “e-Mission CYBER SURGEON a unique medical experience on The Nervous System”, states the following:

An impulse begins when a neuron is stimulated by another neuron or by a stimulus in the environment. The cell membranes start to change the flow of ions and a reversal of charges, the action potential, results. An impulse that changes one neuron changes the next… Our brain has specialized centers for processing sensory information and for response. Therefore, in a real sense, we see with our brain, we hear with our brains, taste with our brains, and so on.

Our vibratory rate increases and sends out signals. The law of attraction comes into play. We are magnets, and what we draw towards us is directly related to the energy we exert: what some like to refer to as our “energy field.” In other words, how we feel, what we think, affects the universe.

Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this belief that what we feel and how those feelings drive our actions do in fact create positive or negative vibrations that go out into the universe. The question becomes, what reaction are we wanting to effect from the energy we exert? His stunning scientific experiment “Hidden Messages in Water“ reveal the water’s reaction to human emotion—attitudes, spoken words. His results were documented using Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. He found that positive human expression caused vibrations in the water to form beautiful patterns. Negative and fearful intentions caused disfigured, disconnected, and unpleasing molecular shapes. Dr. Emoto used human emotions of alignment with mind, body, soul, love and kindness, compassion and empathy, service, persistence, inner peace, truth, gratitude, and other such human feelings for this study. Conclusion: there absolutely is a direct impact to our environment and those who converge with our energy as a reaction to our feelings.

Below, are some of the magnetic resonance images of Dr. Emoto’s water results from sound, both spoken and musical. (images not shown in this website article)

As Heart-Centered Coaches, we must continually, be aware of our attitude and thought processes that drive our communication with our Clients. Self-assess. Ask, “What is my state of being? Am I using words to uplift, support, and help my Client on their path to wholeness?” If at any point we feel anything less than peaceful and positive, then it is time to end the session and possibly suggest to our Client(s) another alternative; maybe another Coach who is not emotionally or personally vested. Communicate honestly, openly and with integrity at all times. Remember why we do what we do…

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