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It’s funny how we find ourselves dressing up the front of our home, our property, for the public, yet for many of us, it is the unseen back where we create our personal sanctuaries.

Mother’s Day gift and I was beyond excited… Brand new motorcycle fitted with special windshield, handlebars, foot pedals saddlebags, and everything to fit my personal tastes and comfort so I could ride and follow my husband on his brand-new Harley Davidson “Road Glide Ultra” in Billiard Blue. We had these great helmets fitted with built in headsets so we could talk and hear one another while cruising down the road. His bike was fitted with the latest in stereophonic sound that he could pipe into our helmet receivers so I could hear Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Creedence, Hall & Oats, and the other all-time classic greats, not to forget the silky smooth voice of Nat King Cole, unforgettable Frank Sinatra, and pull on your heartstrings, Patsy Cline, that he was listening to. The headsets in our helmets allowed us to hear each other, the music, but also road noises, other vehicles, and sirens by cancelling out the music if emergency sounds or if we needed to talk to each other came through. Pretty cool. We were set!

We dreamt of adventures exploring territory we had not seen before, or revisiting special places.  Camping out under the night sky, traveling across the country to see loved ones and family and friends, and just being free was well anticipated.

“Dream” is the key word here… There sat my bike. Barely 60 miles logged on the odometer, it was carefully covered up and protected for eight (8) years. Yep. You read that correctly. Eight years! What had happened to our dream?

Life happened!

Have you seen the hilarious movie, “Wild Hogs” with John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy? There are several great lines, but what the character Doug Madsen, played by Tim Allen said stands out that is fitting for this blog, “Did you ever wake up one morning and wonder what happened to your life? You know, I thought my life would be an adventure.”

Like the home, all the trappings, all our dreams, were showcased on the outside, and yet, it was that unseen part reserved for ourselves where we had spent our time.

So, an ad was placed online to sell my bike for about the same price I had paid eight years earlier. I mean it was pretty much new. In my online research, I didn’t find anything better, and the dealers I had consulted with stated the price was a good place to start. The day the ad was uploaded, inquiries began to come in. The first one was from a couple who said they were looking for a motorbike very similar to mine for their son. They drove over 600 miles to take a look at the bike.

After our initial greetings, and before actually seeing the bike, I invited them to rest on our back patio after their long drive. Refreshments, and hot and cold beverages, were offered. The woman’s first comment as they came around the house was, “Wow! This is far more beautiful than I had thought when looking at the front of your house, which is attractive.”

The uncovered the bike looked as if it had come straight off of a showroom floor. It started right up at the turn of the key. The gentleman rode it up and down the highway, came back, and without a squabble, gave me exactly the amount in cash that I had listed.

Just goes to show even when we put aside our dreams, those spaces which are sacred and personal to us, something or someone will step in when we’re willing to let go so we can continue forward on our path.

What is it that you are needing to let go? Please post and share your story. Thank you for letting me share my story…

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