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AJ Myers, CPM, CILC, MTC, founder of Heart2Pen, applies divinely inspired words and art to build bridges of love, hope, and communication in a culturally diverse world.

AJ was determined to help 2 billion who find themselves in a place of hopelessness to claim their uniqueness to be whole, healed, and to live in overflowing abundance when unexpectedly she became jobless, without medical insurance, while being sole caregiver to her terminally ill husband.

She watched her mother clean other people’s filthy toilets while raising 12 adopted children after her parents were swindled out of everything they had built up, and her mother’s health failed. She died early. Vowing that would not be her fate, AJ realized through her inspired, written words and art these billions could find hope and healing.

Trained in NLP, EQ, and Integrated Life Transformational Coaching, AJ serves from the heart. Partnered with Lanelle Martin, PhD – theology and Master Transformational Coach, they believe it is only in this manner can those they serve, from a foundation founded on God’s unshakable Grace and Forgiveness, feel a true link bonded in His Love.

AJ’s articles written to help heal and inspire women were well received by several local and international publications. She co-Authored, A Journey of Riches: Abundant Living and A Journey of Riches: Messages from the Heart and is collaborating on several other projects. Look for her autobiographical novel to be released.

If you want to bring bliss into an otherwise hectic life or add joy to a dulled sense, you will definitely want to join AJ and Lanelle’s Island infused learning methods. They have blended their Hawaiian style of O’Hana with the flavor of Aloha. Passionate about being aligned mind, body, spirit, YOU will learn how to turn negativity into something uniquely beautiful.

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