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Lanelle Martin, Ph.D. of Theology – Doctor of Divinity, is Founder of WeLink, in partnership with AJ Myers of Heart2Pen, believing life is better together and lives in the USA.

Passionate heart-connector, Lanelle formed “My Support Network” in 2005, focusing on quick, trusted remedies of personal help; emphasizing on Caregivers and Moms worldwide. The organization is spreading, one person at a time, into personalized loving communities of support.

Dr. Lanelle nurtured a seed of passionate connections to address a growing and ever-changing need surfacing in today’s unique world. “WeLink,” a loving support community led by a higher awareness, connects Women-to-Women, encouraging collaboration for personal fulfillment of purpose and life bliss; revealing love from within.

Wife, Mother, Certified Master Coach, and her God-inspired Mission, Dr. Lanelle shows she is a Worldwide Community Connector.

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.’ ~ 2 Timothy 1:7