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Pavlova, Makarova, Palenko, and Spessivtseva: famous Russian ballerinas floated like swans instead of sheep, as I dreamt. As a little girl, I danced and twirled in my tutu. My little slippers didn’t have the wooden toes. But I learned to pirouette “en point” (balanced on my toes) just the same.

I don’t know what I was doing at the time when Mom called me into the party room (converted ballroom), to sit and watch Esther Williams portray the life of the Australian swimmer, Annette Kellermann. Kellermann grew to become a world competitive champion swimmer after combatting polio and living in leg braces while growing up. According to the story, she again had an uphill battle to learn how to walk, then once again become a competitive swimmer, after a horrifying accident while swimming in a special glass tank made for a movie being filmed in Hollywood as Neptune’s Daughter. The glass shattered. Annette Kellermann’s drive to succeed drove her to overcome unbelievable odds.

She never gave up on her dream.

I fashioned my swimming style after Esther Williams and loved the combined ballet synchronized water-dance Williams displayed.

Dad installed an above ground pool in our backyard. He built this wonderful cedar deck off the kitchen. He installed glass sliding doors so Mom could keep an eye on us while she cooked and baked. She could also sit out in a lounge chair and knit or work in the greenhouse Dad had built on one end of the deck if she preferred. I had helped Dad not only with the deck but also build the masonry brick steps going down to the yard. We also had houses at two different coastal beaches. We were like fish during the summers.

One Christmas, my oldest sister made each of her younger sisters the cutest swimsuits. I asked my sister if she would make me another bathing suit with a little skirt that would twirl when I spun around, which she did.

This was one way in which Mom motivated me to big dream big and choose healthy ideals and heroes.

A ballerina or a synchronized swimmer, I never became. But a strong swimmer I was. I spent a good part of my years in the water. In fact, it was swimming that was incorporated into my rehab after a terrible auto wreck. Swimming helped me get back on to my feet. The point of all this—dreaming!

Dream big! Find those who admire, value, and go for it!

What is your dream?

Who do you admire?

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Thank you!

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